PeachTennis Cup 2022 Nov 20 - Dec 20 Entry Deadline Nov 15 Entry Fee: $15

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General Playoff rules

Congratulations on qualifying for the Peach Tennis League playoffs. The playoff draw is determined by the League office based on your regular season performance. Playoff seeding is based on the points scored in the regular season.

Both players are equally responsible for contacting each other to schedule the match. Players are supposed to finish their matches within the specified time frame. There is no extra week during playoffs. If the opponent is unavailable, you automatically move to the next round. The winner reports the score during playoff.

Playoff Seeding

Playoff seeding is based on the points scored in the regular season. Higher seeds also get home court advantage. The top 30% - 40% of available players at each level, regardless of their division, qualify for the playoffs. Additionally, the league may have some wildcards to fill the playoff draw.

High Point Average

Players with a high point average during regular season may find themselves ineligible for playoffs or may be placed in a playoff draw for the next higher level. Typically, a player with a point average of more than 95% may be placed in the playoff for the next higher level.

This is entirely up to the discretion of the League office. Players cannot appeal the decision of the League office.


Typically the top 30 - 40% at each level, regardless of division qualify for the playoffs.. In addition to it, the League may have some wildcards to fill up the playoff draw. Please update your playoff availability (My Info --> My Playoff Standing) if you are in top 50% of players at your level in order for the league to know whether to consider you for the playoffs.

There are no subs or defaults during playoffs. If your opponent is unavailable, then you win. Also, there is no extra week to make up the match. So at the end of the regular season, please take time to make sure you are available for the playoff period. If you think you are not available for the playoff period, please let the League office know about it.

Home Court

Players with a higher seeding have the home court advantage. Seeding is determined by the total points earned in the regular season. Players who have Home court advantage are in charge of any fees associated with the courts. Home court Players also have to provide new can of tennis balls.

The winner reports the score during playoffs.

Contact Us

Contact the League Office with any type of feedback. We would be more than happy to hear from you.

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